Exploring the Features of Tungsten Rings

In the recent times, the popularity of tungsten jewelry, most especially rings, becomes really visible. As a matter of fact, it is followed by the trend of tungsten rings for men. With this kind of attention, it is not surprising that there are those who would be curious about tungsten. It is also not shocking that the advantages and disadvantages of such composition will be asked. Just like any other, this type of jewelry also comes with its pros and cons. However, the big question is – what are these?

The Pros of Tungsten

Here are the usual advantages of having a tungsten jewelry:

· There are tons of benefits to having a tungsten ring. This is more useful as compared to metals like platinum and titanium. The reason for this can be attributed to the fact that it goes with more durable properties. There are also lower requirements for them, add to the idea that they can be kept shiny even without doing so much.

· Tungsten rings became famous because they have strong physical characteristics. For instance, they are the best robust. As a matter of fact, they are the most durable next to diamond at least. This is one of the reasons why they have high resistance to scratch. They are also so strong as well.

· Most of the time, tungsten are even more durable than platinum, titanium, and gold. Unlike other types of jewelry, they will not call for any requirements as far as maintenance is concerned. A tungsten will not be asking for so much attention then. With this in mind, it can be kept without having to worry as to whether it is going to wear out or not.

· These pieces are also strong and tough. They can battle against any sort of physical and chemical attacks. Well, these attacks often affect simple metals but not with tungsten. They would then translate to a longer ring which may even be kept for an entire lifetime. Who would not want that as a symbol of love and marriage?

· It has been observed that men are fascinated with this type of composition. This transpires because of its robustness and durability. It has the ability to fit well into daily activities. Meaning, you can just wear it without any complications or problems at all. The assurance is that the rings are going to survive whatever daily routine there is.

· There are many couples who would go for a tungsten ring since it can be the best wedding band. This may symbolize an unbreakable material which is how a marriage must be for most couples out there.

The Cons

Well, nothing is perfect – so as tungsten rings. While there are so many beneficial tungsten rings for men, you must not be closed to the idea that they may come with their downsides too. What are these?

· Since tungsten rings are strong and beautiful by nature, you will have a hard time having it re-sized if there is a need for it. This is not surprising because of the hardness of this kind of metal.

· There are sellers out there who find themselves replacing their tungsten band because their finger might have grown or shrunk already. This may be related to its being hard again.

· There are required special equipment that is needed in order to resize these tungsten rings. Another consideration is that in the point of adjustment, it may only be changed to a single size, or up. Doing this can be quite expensive too. This is why in purchasing, you must be certain of your size before anything else. This will help you spare the trouble of having to redo your tungsten ring. Be vigilant in checking your size.

· Another disadvantage is that there are cheaper tungsten rings which may pose you nasty skin reactions. This is the reaction to binder or cobalt. It may be typical for some. Normally, a cobalt reacts to the skin which leaves irritating rashes later on. There might also be unsightly marks there on the skin. This might transpire too. If you are going to purchase a tungsten carbide ring then, ensure that you are going to utilize a nickel instead. Do not fail to look for sellers and binders too. They must be verified before a purchase is made.

When it comes to buying tungsten rings for men, there are tips that you must think about too. First of all, try to understand that there is a big difference between tungsten carbide and pure tungsten. Basically, tungsten alloys are way softer. They also scratch way easily. Meaning, they can lose their polish eventually. That is why if the vendor cannot seem to explain to you the difference, you must go and look for other providers out there. You deserve to be assisted well at least.

Another tip is that you must understand cobalt. Cobalt is the usual additive for a ton of metal alloys out there. There are so many manufacturers who are fond of them. However, this may be a bad thing most especially if you have a sensitive skin. The cobalt may develop a greenish rash on you that will just leave you uncomfortable. This happens because a cobalt reacts differently to oily skin. You must look at this composition then. If there is no clear policy about this, and then you must go to some other place and try to look for another offering.

At the end of the day, you must not forget the importance of learning about your ring size. Again, tungsten is tough. Resizing it will be a major headache you do not deserve to experience. It is not the same with silver or gold. There are websites out there that would allow their clients to trade for a new ring instead. This can transpire too. Be open to the possibility that your finger size may change. You should not get this wrong. Double check on it if you must. Just make sure that you are in the right size! This must not be missed nor forgotten!